SocialCare hires Rose Cardona

SocialCare hires Rose Cardona as VP of Legal Affairs Distinguished attorney and mayor leverages years of public service to manage and grow Austin health-IT startup.

June 1, 2017 – AUSTIN, Texas – SocialCare, an emerging healthcare technology company based in Austin, today announced that it has hired distinguished attorney and elected official Rose Cardona as its VP of Legal Affairs. Cardona will execute legal solutions, oversee human resources and company communications, assemble and retain top talent, create polices for compliance and regulatory needs, and more. She currently serves as Mayor of Sunset Valley, Texas, which has equipped her with additional experience in leadership, administration and management that will benefit SocialCare.

“Rose’s addition to our team will keep us at the forefront of a wide variety of complex, legal challenges inherent to the healthcare-IT space. Her diverse legal experience and ability to effectively manage critical issues among various stakeholders will both enable and accelerate our growth plans for the future,” said Danny Chu, Founder & CEO of SocialCare. “Rose has a people-first approach and is process oriented, a combination that is instrumental to helping us strategically manage our company’s current surge and add more stellar people, all the while creating new operational, HR and communication policies. Essentially, she’ll lead the social side of SocialCare.”

Another key role for Cardona is leveraging her public and business network to enhance the company’s partnerships with health and IT groups. SocialCare working hand in hand with these sectors will drive further innovation for public health, which is an important mission for the company and Austin.

Cardona ran her own legal practice for more than six years focused on business, family and immigration matters. Prior, Cardona worked in the Texas Capitol and the State’s Supreme Court for criminal matters, engaging with judges, prosecutors, legislators, educators and police chiefs. Cardona served as a Council Member, Mayor Pro Tem and is now completing her third consecutive term as Mayor of Sunset Valley, a small city in Southwest Austin, where she has implemented solutions to environmental and life quality issues, improved meeting efficiency, advocated for commercial and residential needs as well as managed budgeting, policing, land development and public facilities.

”Whether in the community or legal space, I have loved serving and collaborating with people to help solve issues that have a direct impact on improving lives, and am thrilled to now bring that passion and experience tool box to SocialCare,” said Cardona. “SocialCare has an outstanding team of innovators that share that same devotion. I look forward to working with them to not only stay abreast of legal regulations and form new organizational processes, but to also spur dialogue with the city’s health, tech and community leaders to further SocialCare’s work and impact. Together, we will confirm Austin as the undeniable hub for health-IT.”

Cardona is the latest addition to SocialCare as it added Dr. Bob Teague as its Chief Medical Officer earlier this year. The company will continue to grow aggressively with plans to double in size later this year.

About SocialCare

SocialCare™ is an emerging healthcare technology company based in Austin whose vision is to bring best-in-class technology and business practices to the healthcare industry. SocialCare™ is a secure, connected software platform built on open API, open innovation, and the interoperability that patients, providers, and regulations now demand. For more information, visit

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