SocialCare and Austin: a Healthcare Technology Story

SocialCare was built out of a desire to bring innovation and interoperability to the healthcare industry. After successfully exiting the sale of a previous company, I was asked by my brother, a doctor, to help review electronic health record (EHR) options for his practice. I found that the existing EHR systems were lacking innovation and flexibility, and I realized there was a market opportunity: the healthcare industry needed a way to securely exchange healthcare information.

With that goal in mind, I’ve started with a team of experts to solve this issue, and we’ve built our company around it with Austin as our home location. To anyone living in Austin, the benefits are obvious: top-notch restaurants, thriving music scene, and a laid-back lifestyle all top the list. But there are a few other reasons that really stood out for me when I chose to bring SocialCare to Austin.

With its booming high-tech business climate, I knew I could find the employees I needed – tech-savvy, start-up-minded, passionate innovators who are driven to succeed. Those kinds of employees appreciate Austin’s quirky nature, and don’t want to relocate to the east or west coasts. In fact, Austin was listed as #1 in the World Economic Forum’s list of Best Cities in the World for Tech. That’s quite a distinction. As they put it: “Austin ranks as the world’s number one Tech City. IBM, Dell, and AMD all have a long-established presence here, and today low taxes, favourable real estate costs and a strong entrepreneurial culture mean the Texan capital maintains a thriving and innovative start-up scene, with access to some of the world’s top talent.”

Austin has also proven to be a welcoming environment for healthcare technology, with the opening of the new Dell Medical Center and explosive growth of healthcare IT companies in the area. While there are definitely other technology hubs around the world, Austin is really striving to lead in healthcare technology, so it was a great choice for our company. The community here is open, sharing, and collaborative, which creates more opportunity and greater innovative potential for the whole industry.

As SocialCare grows, our goal is to create a platform that provides interoperability for existing EHR systems and offers a faster, cheaper development option for organizations creating healthcare-focused applications. We’re actively pursuing that goal as we work with customers who are using the platform today. Over the next year we expect to see significant expansion as we build our team, working toward our goal of making a mark in the healthcare technology space.

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