Bob Teague, MD – Acquire + Assess + Act

Humans can only create in their own image. Physicians are trained to “Assess and Act”.

In order to “Assess” we must also “Acquire” needed information upon which decision-making depends. Regardless of whether the location is a minor emergency center or a surgical theater, core diagnostic processes and clinical decision making for patients, or by patients, follows this simple pattern. In today’s world, healthcare must also apply this process to business decisions.

I’ve created this blog series, “Acquire + Assess + Act”, to explain how the creation of a new generation of digitalization and analytics allows healthcare to leverage acquired data, make informed decisions, and automate downstream actions.

Blogs in this series include:

ACQUIRE: Get access to data
ASSESS: Human versus machine
ACT: Closing the loop


Bob Teague, MD, Chief Medical Officer of SocialCare

Bob brings a wealth of experience to his articles based on a career spanning clinical practice in major healthcare institutions as well as leadership roles in multiple entrepreneurial enterprises and Fortune 50 technology enterprises. These financially successful enterprises were transformative in their markets for respiratory home care services, diabetes chronic care management, and Medicare Advantage risk management through transitional care. Bob’s first blog series focuses on a central SocialCare paradigm, “Acquire + Assess + Act”.


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